Haiku – Sunday 23 April, 2017


Image via Pixabay

On Birds of A Different Feather:

In silver grey and
palest pink, my mother and the
dove, cooing softly


Half-Arsed Haiku – Tue 14 June, 2016


Image courtesy of VictorianLady via Pixabay

Since my cancer diagnosis, I  no longer save things ‘for best’ or for ‘rainy days’. I wear my favourite frocks whenever I can, scuff up my nicest shoes. I don’t worry about writing in lovely notebooks that I kept blank for years, afraid to spoil. I use those posh cosmetics and toiletries rather than hiding them away in drawers. I don’t worry about waiting for special occasions to use my ‘good’ glasses or crockery… They may break, so what, it is, after all, just ‘stuff’. I have an informal bucket (or fuckit list as I like to call it) with things I want to do, places I want to see – from the small and insignificant and ordinary to the big, blue sky once-in-a-lifetime deals. The small things are still important though. I try to do things now, while I can, when I can, when chemo allows. Because what if you hold off on using or doing the things you love, waiting for the right time and the right time never comes or it comes and you are in no fit state to make the most of it? What then? Life is too short and too precious. What are you waiting for?!! Live in the present, live in the now…

On Not Saving The Best Till Last:

use these things you keep
‘for best’. For when are you both
at yours if not now