Half-Arsed Haiku – Sun 8 May, 2016

We have been promised a heatwave in the UK today but so far it seems the sun is hiding in here in Edinburgh behind grey skies and a misty haze or haar as we call it up here – a cold sea fog (or in this case one coming in off the Firth of Forth).    I know blue skies are out there somewhere so I am just waiting patiently  for them to appear, being slowly brought back to life with a cup of green tea and a fake bacon sandwich. I can feel my own morning brain fog slowly lifting, now if only the real one would outside…


Image courtesy of Daniel Alon via pixabay

On There Being A Haar Me Hearties:

late Sunday morning –
a cup of tea lifts the fog
but hazy skies stay grey



  1. Richard Ankers · May 8, 2016

    Blue skies in Yorkshire. And hot. Phew!!!


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