Half-Arsed Haiku – Tue 16 September, 2015

Image courtesy of Hans via Pixabay

Image courtesy of Hans via Pixabay

On Dreaming of Such Delicious Things:

Forbid myself sugar.
Now I’m tormented by sweet dreams
– see cakes in my sleep.

I am taking part in a medical study prescribing cheap, common or garden drugs that have all been shown to have some sort of cancer-busting properties.  So from statins to an anti-fungal tablet we are taking a mix of drugs none of which have been specifically designed as cancer treatments but all act to help kill or control tumours in different ways.  Hopefully with minimal side effects too.  And the drugs can also be taken alongside your conventional treatments such as hormonal drugs or chemotherapy so it’s an add-on not an instead-of which is good. I’m in the early stages of the study but there seems to have been promising results for some.

Another of the drugs I’m on is Metformin, usually prescribed to diabetics.  As part of the overall drug protocol you are advised to try and cut down if not cut out sugar. I am taking tentative steps into this, trying to avoid refined sugar, mostly in sweet treats, not yet rooting around for the hidden sugar yet in unexpected savoury products! It’s been a week  or so now and I am struggling slightly – given I usually try to avoid dairy too that normally means whole aisles of deliciousness in the supermarket are generally off limits anyway but i have become adept at finding cakes and biscuits and dark chocolate things that have no dairy in them.  But now even these things also have sugar in them so they are doubly out of bounds. I am holding up ok, although after my rubbish news on Friday I was desperate to just inhale an enormous mound of Cadbury’s Buttons.  It was only bad weather and sheer laziness that saved me from doing a supermarket sweep of the chocolate section. I am really missing a biscuit or two with my cup of tea though.  Although who am I trying to kid – it never is just a biscuit or two really.  Anyway I have cut down on sweet treats but seem to be filling the void in my life with savoury treats now so need to start watching my crisp intake too! And not only is the temptation there in my waking life but I am now being tormented by visions of cream-filled, chocolate, fruity, sugary, spongy loveliness in my sleep too.  Although I seems to have in built guilt in my dreams as I was poring over various cake stands crammed with these amazing confections but new I shouldn’t have any.  Jeez…even in my dreams I am depriving myself! They should be the one place I can happily indulge.

I am a bit erratic in my diet and lifestyle find myself swinging wildly from uber-healthy eating and supplement popping to thinking ‘stuff it – life is too short not to eat ice-cream. And cake. And Chocolate. And biscuits etc etc’. Usually in the same day / meal even.  Yet my life IS likely to be too short and I feel, at least at this point, I need to give myself the best possible chance. So a healthier eating regime it is for the next few weeks.  Oh and on the Metformin you’re not supposed to drink either … how come no-one mentioned THAT to me when I signed up!!  Hopefully my willpower will hold up  and I can deal with the whole no sugar, no dairy, no alcohol thing.

My diet may not be sweet, but life most certainly can be (especially when you consider the alternative) and I want to stick around as long as possible to enjoy it….


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