Half-Arsed Haiku – Sun 5 April 2015

I haven’t met our soon-to-be-new neighbours but Spooky has chatted to a few of them.  They all seem very friendly and welcoming although we had heard that one of them in our row could be a bit grumpy and contrary.  In his nineties, he had been there forever and didn’t seem to like change and although he had a garage and driveway had  apparently taken to parking on the street just to stop anyone else parking there and make a point!  Naturally I was a bit worried about meeting him and how he would react to two youngish newcomers especially since we are going to be having a LOT of work on the house and there will no doubt be lots of noise, workmen and numerous vans trying to park in the street! Then on Easter Sunday it was such a gorgeous sunny day we decided to spend it pottering in the garden of the new house (the inside is a bit of a disaster zone, the outside is still lovely!).  We invited my mum up too.  She arrived with a beautiful little bunch of yellow and white spring flowers and handed them to me. She asked what I would say if she were to tell me that Mr Davidson* (our apparently ‘difficult’ neighbour) had given her these flowers?  And what if she also said her car was currently parked in his driveway?!! I was so completely gobsmacked and at first thought she’d just decided to park there to wind him up!! But no, they had drawn up outside at the same time and my mum had waved him to go ahead and park. They got speaking and he said he had just got back from the Easter service at his church. She introduced herself as my mum and talked about us, and basically charmed him on our behalf! They spoke about his wife who’d died a few years before and the fascinating life he had lead abroad for many years. And they also talked about why he tended to park on the street and I now understand why! She said he was very charming and dapper and looked very good for his age.  He thought she was parked to close to the corner so suggested she park on his drive and said she must come by again, that she (and we!) would be welcome to visit anytime.  She said it was lovely to meet him and he said likewise – then he said, oh I must get you something, hold on, and went to get the gorgeous bunch of spring booms people had been handed at church. I was so shocked this had all unfolded.  It reminded me that everyone has their own story, often a fascinating one, don’t just dismiss someone at first glance, especially the elderly. Remember also that people may have their own issues or problems you know nothing about – maybe they are lonely, maybe they are ill, who knows (I’m a perfect example of that!).  You also shouldn’t take things at face value, shouldn’t be too quick to judge or take others’ opinions or gossip as gospel – be prepared to give people a chance, then make your own mind up. My neighbour may indeed prove to be contrary or irritable but for now he has charmed both me and my mother and I am not so anxious about meeting him now. The flowers are sitting in a cracked cup in our demolished kitchen and I smile every time I see them now. Faith in human nature restored for now…

*obviously not his real name!


Image courtesy of Sandid via Pixabay

Image courtesy of Sandid via Pixabay

On Confounded Expectations and Unexpected Sources

Spring blooms pressed
into your hand, your
car parked in HIS spot

One comment

  1. Ron · April 10, 2015

    A lovely story told with easy charm and grace. After a sleepless night (I couldn’t put down my Sherlock Holmes!) I can be a tad grumpy also but not this morning! It just wouldn’t be right, somehow!

    Ron — Haiku Odyssey.com

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