Half-Arsed Haiku – Thu 23 March 2015

On Cancelling Chemo

today cancer’s been
trumped by the common cold. one
big cough and chemo’s off.


Yes, chemo was postponed today.  It wasn’t my pesky neutrophils though, they had redeemed themselves at the last minute and were up again at an acceptable level but the docs decided not to risk going ahead because I’d had a cough the last few days and now had a slight temperature.  I was a bit disappointed.. but that changed to pure joy the moment I realised it meant that I could give up my pre/post chemo fast and actually eat something.  Anything. Whatever I wanted. And that realisation was glorious. That had been the miserable bit, the fasting.  I wasn’t bothered about going in for treatment i was too busy feeling sorry for myself because I hadn’t eaten for 48 hours.  And obsessing about toast. Oh the joy that i could now actually have some! I mean i know that next week I’ll have to go through it all again but for that moment, the relief was huge… I immediately started planning a stop-off at the supermarket but just as quickly decided that was officially a “bad idea”.  Shopping when hungry is never sensible but the last time I fasted i not only tortured myself by spending hours cutting out recipes from food magazines and reading restaurant reviews but my partner, Spooky, came home to find I’d inadvertently spent about £60 on crisps and breakfast cereals and biscuits when I’d gone online to buy some discount Almond milk. We’re still eating our way through bizarrely flavoured Pringles and German gingerbread.  It was probably the right decision though to cancel the chemo, something small could have got nasty.  My cough might not be that bad just now but If it morphed into a full blown cold that could be bad. And if you go from having a viral infection into a bacterial one because your immune system  has been knocked to hell, who knows what could happen. So we decided  to play safe. Chemo cancelled. Common cold 1- Cancer 0…


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