Half-Arsed Haiku – Tue 24 March 2015

blood-20745_1280On Waiting to Hear If My body Is Strong Enough to Break Down Again:

Needle under skin.
Cells, snow white spun from blood red.
The inside story…


It’s pre-chemo blood test day.. we get a sample tested to see what my neutrophils are like, if my immune system is strong enough to take another blast of poison. Last time the reading was a bit too low and I had to get tested again on the day to see if we could go ahead with treatment… made it just. Feels like getting an exam result back – have you passed or failed?. In this case though, no amount of work or preparation  can change the outcome. Your body has to just do it all by itself.  It’s weird to feel OK yet be told that your cells must still be taking a  battering and all sorts of things are happening that you have little control over. Outwardly you feel well –  inside it could be a whole different story….


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