Half-Arsed Haiku – Sun 15 March 2015

Image courtesy of Geralt via Pixabay

Image courtesy of Geralt via Pixabay

On It Being Relentless:

your little fingers
reaching out and gripping on
messing with our minds


Another friend given the devastating news today her breast cancer has metastasised to her brain, something we all dread but something that sadly seems to be happening all to frequently in our little support network.  I hate the thought of these young women having to deal with this on top of everything else.  I get so upset at the relentlessness of this disease.  It gets scary at times like these.  I suppose it’s just the thought that the cancer is affecting an organ that is so precious yet still so mysterious, so easily damaged yet so important in in supporting bodily functions and processes and essentially in making you, you . It feels like such a game changer, although the good news is that many of the young women i know that are in this situation are responding positively to treatment and continue to do well and relatively unaffected by the tumours that have somehow made their way to the brain . It can come as such a shock though especially when no symptoms have been noticed or have come on so suddenly. It used to seem such an unusual aspect of this disease, very few people seemingly being diagnosed with it but now, whether  i am imagining it or not, it seems to be far more prevalent in the last couple of years. It seems every few weeks we get this news from someone in our group. And whether we are the ones involved directly or not, we can’t get away from it, can’t stop thinking about it. Some may have been dealt the blow they cancer on the brain but we all have it on our mind…


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