Half-Arsed Haiku – Fri 30 January 2015

On Slipping Away

He clasps her hand close
holds on to the hope he knows
is already lost


I have heard that, sadly, for a close relative in her 80s the end may be quite near.  Cancer has taken its toll.  She is slipping away, already a frail ghost of the woman she once was. She has said she is ready to go and is in no pain. Even though she has had a long and I hope a happy life it is still heartbreaking.  What breaks my heart most though is thinking about the husband of over 60 years she will soon leave behind. I am sure he knows in his heart she won’t get better but still talks of things turning a corner and her improving.  As if it is himself he is trying to convince. It is his pain that will just be beginning. They say hope is important though in such situations. It is even more important when you know it has gone….


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