Half-Arsed Haiku – 22 Jan 2015

(c)  Japanese Kokeshi Doll fukujuso by paletendril on Flickr

(c) Japanese Kokeshi Doll
fukujuso by paletendril on Flickr

On Having a Pheasant’s Eye View of Life

Feel thankful today
grateful for for granted things
the unnoticed, noticed

Inspired by Carpe Diem Haiku a Day #652, Pheasant’s Eye (Fukujusoo)


Wednesday’s Carpe Diem prompt was focused on the strangely names Pheasant’s Eye or fukujusō, a lovely little Japanese mountain plant with small bright yellow blossoms. Since the plant’s flowering time fell in the New Year season, according to the lunar calendar, it was used as a decoration and became known as Pheasant’s Eye or New Year’s Day plant. In the Edo period, it was  artificially grown and sold in small pots to bring into the house. The name actually means : Plant of good fortune and long life, ‘prosperity grass’ or ‘longevity grass’, so it was very auspicious plant to have for the celebrations.

I was reading a book yesterday – a historical tale based on a true story of people lost at sea or shipwrecked trying desperately to survive in the most horrific conditions. It described what lack of food and water and shelter will do to the human mind, body and spirit (yes, a cheery read, I know!). I started thinking of all those living in such unbelievable hardship today – whether due to war, famine, displacement, natural disasters or so on. Those who have no home or shelter, no possessions, no access to clean water or food, who are in pain, who face death, danger or hardship every day or who are scared or who have lost so many loved ones in the most unimaginable situations .  Many people I know would no doubt feel sorry for me or think it is tragic given I am living with an incurable cancer but I also know there are others who would swap places with me in the blink of an eye. I thought about the warm bed I rolled out of, into a hot shower, the clean clothes I put on, the cool drink of water I had from the tap, the fridge filled with food, sitting reading in the safety and comfort of my nice house.  Everything I take for granted on a daily basis.  If you look through the eye of the Pheasant though you will see the good fortune that surrounds you…and never take even the smallest, simplest things for granted..


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