Introducing Ruby Tuesdays!

I have decided to instigate ‘Ruby Tuesdays’ on my blog – a chance to let you know about any ‘wee gems’ I have discovered during the week. So seeing as I’m getting in the mood for Christmas, here’s a few festive bits and bobs I have fallen for… I know ‘stuff’ isn’t meant to make you happy but you know what, sometimes it does!

First up are these brilliant retro-style jute bags from Cornwall, based retailer Seasalt.


They are a great size and pretty sturdy – took mine out at the weekend to a craft fair at Out of the Blue Drill Hall in Edinburgh (another top tip and it’s on again this weekend) and had a few admiring remarks from stall holders! They are a barginous £5 each (or an even more barginous two for £8 + P&P) and will be great for humphing your Christmas shopping home or you could even use it as a more environmentally friendly gift bag if you can bare to part with it.  Just to warn you though, jute does seem to have a noticeable odour though so you might want to air them first!  Just noticed Seasalt are also doing jute Christmas stockings with the same design on for just £6. Think ‘Santa’ has decided I am too grown up for stockings now and don’t need anymore ‘crap’ in my house (boo! hiss! Santa you old meanger!) …maybe I’ll just say ‘stuff it’ and make my own.

Meri Meri Mini Angel Garland

Mini Angel Garland by Meri Meri

I  have an ever-growing collection of vintage Christmas angels so couldn’t resist this gorgeous little garland by Meri Meri – it was from Paper Tiger in Edinburgh but you might be able to get them online elsewhere.  I haven’t attempted to construct it yet but even looking at it in the box brings me joy! They don’t seem to have them online but i did discover some similar gift tags from the Meri Meri website. There’s also a US website with lots of lovely stuff but no angels unfortunately!

Kiddie Cocktails by Stuart Sandler and Derek Yaniger (Korero Press, 2014)

Kiddie Cocktails by Stuart Sandler and Derek Yaniger (Korero Press, 2014)

Being self proclaimed queen of bizarre cocktails I also wandered about Paper Tiger clutching this kitschy pop-tastic book Kiddie Cocktails by Stuart Sandler and Derek Yaniger (£14.99, Korero Press) desperately trying to work out if I could think of some tiny people who would appreciate this as much as me.  Don’t think that’s possible though so might have to just purchase it for myself.  I might be adding a little something to the recipes though… I’m no Shirley Temple.


Moomins AND advent calendars… don’t say I’m not good to you. Get your order in for next year…

Finally – although although it is too late for this year you might be interested to know that the universe has decided to combine two of my favourite things in one glorious package.  I love an advent calendar (none of those new-fangled chocolate-filled ones though – they have to have pictures. And glitter. They should always have glitter).  I also love Moomins.  Now I can have both!! Nothing will make you jump out of bed quicker in the morning than knowing you get to open a little door and be greeted by a Moomin (unfortunately only in paper format – how amazing would it be to open a real door and be greeted by a real Moomin..that’s next on my Christmas list). This gorgeous card-sized calendar is available online from The Moomin Shop and is only £3.50 and contains 24 lovely little (very little, might need a magnifying glass to appreciate them fully) black and white drawings by Tove Jansson. The website is also your one-stop shop for Moomin essentials… of which there are many.

Anyway – I’ve taken so long to write this Tuesday is almost officially over here in the UK…better get posting. Night all x

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