Getting Into the Spirit of Christmas…Dairy-free Baileysesque Liqueur!!


I try to avoid dairy for health reasons but it means there is so much lovely stuff out there that is off limits!  Baileys, the very Christmassy cream whisky liqueur, is one of them. So I thought I would concoct my own moo-free version so I could enjoy it while I decorate our Christmas tree and I have to say it hasn’t turned out half bad!  It was a bit haphazard in its creation but I thought I would stick the ingredients down here in case you wanted to give it a go too. I won’t go as far as to call it a recipe as it’s a bit imprecise! As you can see from the photo above I even managed to find an old Baileys glass to add to the experience…

Dairy-free Baileys-style Drink 

You will need

  • Small 250ml carton Oatly dairy-free cream (or similar)
  • Jamesons Irish Whiskey – 4 or so capfuls (depends how strong you want it!)
  • Mozart Dark Chocolate liqueur  – 2 or so capfuls (optional, just add some more almond / oat chocolate milk if you can’t find that or anything similar)
  • Strong coffee (I just used Kenco Millicano Decaf – a couple of teaspoons in a small amount of boiled water  – but you could make up filter coffee or use an express from a coffee machine). You’ll only need two or three teaspoons of it, or more if you want a stronger coffee taste
  • Real vanilla essence – 1 teaspoon
  • Alpro Dark Chocolate Almond Milk – a couple of glugs

Basically stick that lot in a jug and mix up and then keep adding bits of everything until you get a version that suits you, then take a sip, stick on that LP of Christmas crooners and start trying to untangle those fairly lights. Here’s to the spirit of Christmas –  cheers!



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Dairy-free Baileys (c) The Kintsugi Girl

Homemade dairy-free Baileys style drink (c)The Kintsugi Girl

Dairy free whiskey liqueur

The Angel’s Share! Dairy free whiskey liqueur (c) The Kintsugi Girl



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